To the Editor:

Another school bond election is before the Duncan property tax payers. We just went through this last year and it is a shame that we are being put through this ordeal once again, and so soon!

But it should be no surprise to use, since we have an administration that promised in 2009 town meetings that if the 2010 bond failed, “I will keep trying until it passes.” This is very confusing, however, since last year the focus was all about the elementary schools and what horrid shape they were in and Duncan High School did not even get so much as an honorable mention for what has suddenly become a dire situation.

How is that about 95 percent of this new bond would be going to a facility they reported last year was the newest school besides the middle school and was in good shape, except for the computer room which needed some electrical work?

What has changed so that we need a $41-plus million bond? We still do not need a complete redo of a perfectly functioning facility good maintenance would help a lot and certainly repairs should always be take care of immediately.

Why do we need additional ATHLETIC expansion at a cost of over $7 million? The new gym would cost a minimum of $5 million, plus all the other things the just WANT to do.

Also, in the bond there is $2 million to relocate the transportation department and purchase seven busses. Why can we not get a bond that is really needed for the HIGH SCHOOL doing one thing at a time?

So, until bonds that are based on NEEDS are presented, I will be compelled to vote no on Sept. 13.

Vicky Cline


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