To the Editors, Duncan Banner and Daily Oklahoman,

Today, during a time when Americans are generally divided along party lines and a President who doesn’t know when to use a little decorum, we find that our own State Government of Oklahoma is no better and in this case perhaps worse. The letter to the editor of the Duncan Banner, April 21, 2019 by Melissa Scaramucci, for me, was an embarrassment for the Oklahoma State Legislature. Normally, I would address that we are the Great State of Oklahoma, but since this letter came to light, we are no better than a second or maybe lower class state. Senator Paul Scott is an embarrassment not only to human kind, but the position he holds to govern our state. He certainly is an embarrassment to me since he represents the district I live in and most likely to many others. Sadly, this is not the first time Paul Scott has embarrassed our state and district, he did so not long ago on Facebook. It becomes obvious to me that Paul Scott does not have the maturity, integrity, nor the professionalism to represent me.

Likewise, to make this situation worse described by Melissa Scaramucci, it appears there was an attempt to cover up the situation. President Pro Tempore, Senator Greg Treat did what he could do, in a matter of speaking, to cover up what Paul Scott did to Senator Carri Hicks. Greg Treat holds a very high office in the Senate that should not allow this immaturity to go unnoticed or unpunished. Obviously using the word “unpunished” sounds like our own children, but the actions displayed by Paul. Scott is something a child would be punished for.

I agree with Melissa Scaramucci; Senator Carri Hicks is deserving of a “great crow eating humble pie” apology. I also believe additional consequences are deserving of Paul Scott and Greg Treat, such as at the ballot box. Neither are deserving of Senators, in my summation, nor do they represent the Great State of Oklahoma in a professional manner fitting of the office they hold. I would be willing to accept a resignation which I know will not happen, but can assure you, I will work very hard to make sure neither are elected to represent MY state again.

I would like to thank Melissa Scaramucci for bringing this to the attention of people of Paul Scott’s district.

Strike three Mr. Scott, you’re out!

Respectfully submitted,

James Benkley, Duncan