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I have been a resident of Duncan since 2004.  My first impression of the City Wide Garage Sale was very positive and up lifting.  What a great time to find awesome bargains on things that I may or may not need, or let other people pay me for hauling off some of my old things around the house.  I also think this a great time to build family ties, have fun with special friends, or meet and visit some of the wonderful people who live and work in the Duncan area.  Some of the first garage sales that I participated in as a buyer and seller were held in late September or the first of October each year.  The traffic and number of garage sales in and around Duncan, OK drew a lot of people to the event. It was a great program, and attracted people from all areas of our state and some surrounding states as well.  The weather was usually very pleasant that time of the year, and people enjoyed getting out and shopping.  However, some genius decided it would be better to hold it during the hottest days of the year, the 3rd weekend of July.  I found that people came to Duncan for the garage sales and our merchants also benefit from the increased volume of shoppers..  Throughout the last several years, what started out as a really great program, began to decline exponentially every year we held the sales in July.  I have talked with 100’s of shoppers and garage sale participants during this time, and found that they all have similar ideas about the garage sales.  First, shoppers quit coming out in the afternoons because of the 100+ degree weather and possible heat stroke conditions.  Second, the garage sale hosts were losing business because of the low traffic and people would stay in their cars and simply drive by, because they could not see anything they wanted from the street and the comfort of their air conditioned cars. Third, people from outside the area did not want to drive to Duncan and shop in 100+ degree weather. Fourth, the number of actual garage sales has declined tremendously because of all of the above problems.  I agree with so many of the people that I have talked with about the garage sales. It’s time to rethink what made the Duncan City Wide Garage Sales great in the first place.  If you agree with me please contact your local Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 699, Duncan, OK 73534, phone 580-255-3644, or email: dccadmin@duncanchamber.com. Tell them that you would like to see the date of the event changed to a more comfortable date, and any other activities that you would like to include in the City Wide Garage Sale. The dates that should be considered due to the weather are months like  September, or October.  If we don’t let the people in charge of setting dates and activities know what we care about, nothing will change and the Duncan City Wide Garage Sales will be history in a very short time, if it is not already to late. We care about Duncan and would love to see this program grow and prosper again. 

Larry Lance


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