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Dear editor

You need to reign in your journalists the the propaganda plastered on FB regarding opioids.  Do you understand the harm this kind of article does to patients suffering with debilitating, progressive, diseases.  They rely on opioids to live. To get out of bed. To go to work.  It is ridiculous and purely NOT FACTUAL, that this propaganda keeps getting repeated.  It must stop NOW. 

I will be clear here about what happened and how the illegal fentanyl laced drugs and heroin became a problem.  

I am an RN of 19 years and was certified in hospice and palliative care. Pain management was my expertise.   

Around 2012, there were pill mills all over the place.  They were unethical and handed out pills like candy.  Those candy pills ended up on the streets and were bought by drug addicts. They were cheap.  Then came the infinite wisdom of our federal government. They performed sweeping closures of these pill mills, thus, driving up the cost of those cheap pills.  Voila “hey” I’ve got this stuff that will get you high....cheap, and everywhere (apparently, the DEA is doing a crappy job at getting it off the streets)...it was heroin.   Well, maybe a study should be performed on kids under 24, concerning a switch to heroin, but a true pain patient will not switch to heroin. They don’t get high from their medications. You see, it hits their pain receptors and works to allow them to work or function. 

LESS than 1 percent of pain patients become addicts.  Look that up on sites that don’t have their hands in suboxone and rehabs.   


I do not drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes.  I do take prescribed analgesics because I had cervical myelopathy, followed by a three level fusion. Now the disk below is torn and the disk above is pushing on the thecal sac. My thoracic spine is killing me most days.  Also L3-S1 has multiple herniations. That’s just a little bit on me, personally.  

Please, retract that article. It’s a blatant lie and the truth needs to be told. I listened to an 80 year old hip replacement patient ask his nurse to kill him. Why? Because he was under medicated!! What does withholding needed medication from a pain patient do, to help a heroin addict?  Nothing  


Lisa K Kronus, RN


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