Recently there was an article published in the Duncan Banner about recycled rubber mulch for playgrounds not being ADA & ABA compliant.

This was a surprise to me since my company produces this material and we had not been informed of this compliance change.

After researching all new ADA and ABA regulations and not finding anything, I immediately called the Parks and Recreation department and asked them where they had received their information from.

They informed me that the information they reported at the meeting was given to them by their “Rep” at CR and that they had done some research about the mulch after the meeting and determined that the information given to them was incorrect.

I called CR and got contact information for the City’s “Rep,” I spoke with him later that day to determine where he had received the information about the mulch.

He told me that it was a misunderstanding and he was only giving his opinion on the material to the City.

Curious to why he had this opinion (because my company has sold this material all over the country with no complaints), I asked him how he had come to this conclusion.

He informed me that he sells Pour in Place Rubber playground surfacing and that people prefer that to loose rubber mulch.

I told him, “That may be true, but there is a massive difference in price.” (Pour and Placed Rubber is about 20 times higher then loose rubber mulch.)

He agreed.

During this exchange I realized that the general public does not have much knowledge of recycled tire mulch, I would like to clear up some of the misinformation out there.

While Pour and Place rubber is a good product with great accessibility the price to do it in a public park is astronomical.

In the past loose rubber mulch contained small amounts of scrap metal from the tires, this gave the public the idea that all rubber mulch contains metal.

Today new technologies, giant machines, and magnets remove all the metal from the rubber mulch.

Recycled rubber mulch is a safe long lasting soft playground surface that won’t attract insect and is environmentally friendly.

There have been many studies done on this material none of which show recycled rubber to be unsafe playground surface.

It is important for the public to know that their children are playing on one of the safest playground surfaces available.


Corey Ahlfenger, Duncan

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