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This article is from irresponsible journalism and misinformation. This article is just following the scare tactic of the epidemic of opioids. I would like to point out that people who are addicted to these opioids are dying from them due to the illegal ones coming in from other countries and drug cartels. And it didn’t start with prescriptions. Doctors and prescription opioids are not the cause of deaths. And there is a ,0.5%-8% tops, chance that people even become addicted. There is a higher risk that they become controlled pain patients not addicts. Do you guys not see all these deaths this is causing because of this epidemic of illegal drugs? You all just stamp the name “opioid” on any kind of drug death to scare people and force them to hate doctors who are taking care of their controlled pain patients due to chronic pain from cancer or permanent nerve damage or bodily damage. Do you not realize this article is just following propaganda? And articles like this is what destroys peoples lives. Causing people to commit suicide because they’re getting taken off their pain medications and they can’t stand the pain? Why not do yourself the favor and use the real facts? The real data? The deaths that are from heroine or illegal fentanyl? Those are also opioids but they are counted under opioid instead of illegal drugs and illegal drug use.

   Look I understand that there is some pill mills around that doctors just take patients for the money and give them what they want. And it’s wrong. Very wrong. But this is hardly the case in most patients who have to have these medications to bare the day to day struggle. Did you not see the VA take the 95 year old veteran off of pain medicines? After he had been on them for years for a quality of life due to him being injured in the service? This epidemic isn’t controlled pain medicine. It’s illegal. I myself am a controlled pain patient. I have not once taken my meds irresponsibly and I have always kept my meds in a safe at all times unless I have to take some to work to take when I’m working to make it bearable and even then I take 1 just Incase someone gets a stupid idea to try to steal. Hell, I can hardly even afford to live. I range from psoriatic arthritis with spinal involvement to degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. And that’s just some of my medical problems. The only thing that I can do for any quality of life is to take pain medication to make my days bearable. And I still have pain I deal with. These meds don’t kill the pain as much as they make life bearable. Instead you all follow this scare tactic and make us pain patients suffer and get us torn down because we require these meds to make our life’s somewhat livable. 

  “It can happen to anyone”’is categorically incorrect! there is also a huge distinction between addiction and dependency. You should read up on that as well. You can develope a physical dependence to anything. Coffee, working out, Tylenol, caffeine, vitamins, nicotine, etc. it’s the reason that everything requires a taper. 

  Did you all know that you can be genetically tested for what medications work best for you and which medications may make you susceptible to addiction?  If only people understood basic neurochemistry you would be able to understand this better. 

  I just felt I really needed to share some information with you about how wrong your data is. And how badly the control pain patients community is looked down upon because we have to take medication to have any kind of quality of life. We are labeled as addicts and drug fiends because of articles like this. That is not the case in the least bit. I realize scare tactics like this is what people freak out on and what gets you acknowledgment. But at some point you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what’s going on compared to what you’re reporting. And see how many people you are terrorizing with false data and evidence. 


Concerned Pain Patient

Corey Crow

Macon, MO

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