Festivities on Thursday, July 4 are normal for every community, but sometimes it can get a little out of hand. Duncan City ordinances prevent the combusting of fireworks inside city limits, but that didn’t stop some, who left the evidence to be found.

On Friday morning, July 5, when crews arrived to Douglass Park, two things were certain: someone had used the splash pad to set off fireworks and those in the park igniting these during Fourth of July celebrations had not cleaned any of their mess.

Upon visiting the location, burns and holes in the splash pad were present, resulting in the closing of the facility until crews could clean up the mess before further damage to splash pad pipes occurred. The facility had just re-opened weeks before the fresh damage took place, and once again it shuttered for a few hours during a hot day when families were eager to cool off while enjoying the sun. 

It is uncertain at this time the monetary value of the damages, but it is expected to be on the higher end because the surface of the splash pad is a “pour-in-place.” On the other side of Douglass Park, a basketball court was also littered with trash and debris. 

Despite the holiday weekend, volunteers arrived on site before 1 p.m. the day the damage was discovered to begin cleaning up, including about 10 individuals who live inside the Douglass community, ranging from kids to adults. We at The Banner applaud those who worked together to pick up the mess left behind. This is the ultimate showing of pride in a community and in a neighborhood. We are proud to have community members set the example by taking the lead in cleaning their home and ensuring facilities in their area stay open. 

While enjoying celebrations is one thing, complying with City ordinances prevents the destruction of property, or worse, the ignition of a fire that could completely wipe out structures citizens use for pleasure. 

Community locations like parks, the splash pads and the lakes in and around Duncan should be treated as community gems. This isn’t the first time The Banner has said this, and it won’t be the last. Each and every park or other recreational area adds more to our quality of life, which is something the City of Duncan has been working to add to for some time.