Duncan’s area lakes and parks have fallen victim to heavy graffiti and illicit drawings resulting in city employees adding extra tasks to their already long lists.

The onslaught of tasteless spray painting has been spotted at each and every lake and a majority of the city parks, showing up on bathroom exteriors, building interiors, playground equipment and the like. This includes the Clear Creek Lake Fish House, places like Duncan’s beloved Kiddieland and restroom facilities at Duncan Lake. “It’s easier to say which locations haven’t been hit,” is how City of Duncan workers answer when you ask them where and when.

It’s time for residents of Duncan to stand together in taking care of our parks and lakes. The four lakes and the numerous parks in the City of Duncan should be treated as community gems. With an already low number of workers in the parks and lakes department for City of Duncan, it is imperative now more than ever to ensure we protect our home and the beautiful things we have to offer our community, our children and our visitors.

We at The Duncan Banner are terribly saddened to see crude depictions and nasty language appearing on the very things that are essential to our quality of life here in Duncan, Stephens County.

We urge citizens in Duncan or those visiting our lakes and parks to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and not feel afraid to give tips that could lead to discipline of those defacing the property we use for recreation.

Anyone with information on the ongoing crimes or anyone who comes across information is urged to report a tag number or other identifying factors to City of Duncan’s Community Services Director Randy Norman by calling 580-470-2088.