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Sara Orellana-Paape

A few months ago, being more than a little tired of watching friends be caught up in sales, I wrote a piece on affiliate marketing, learn to fight off the vultures, published on January 22 of this year. I was exhausted of watching friends spend more money than they had and change into overbearing salespeople overnight. In response, I wrote a piece about this and in doing so started on a very educational journey. As a reminder, there are no get rich quick plans, change yourself with one seminar or pill or recharge the destiny of your life without hard work, determination and grit.

My journey led me through some very humbling moments, moments I had to admit my research was not completely accurate. There is a very large difference between affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing. I am continuously reminded of how small the world is, this is perhaps best shown by the internet. It connects us all in ways we would never dream of.

After my original article ran, I was contacted by Joseph Lilly. Mr. Lilly has experience with affiliate marketing and was able to see my confusion. After a great conversation, he pointed me in the direction of Geno Prussakov, Mr. Prussakov has graciously worked with me, to help me better understand the differences between affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing.

Before we come to a decision about an idea or concept, we owe it to ourselves, and in this case, my readers, to truly understand what we are talking about. I would like to take this opportunity to clear the air, and share what I have learned.

The main difference between affiliate marketing,, and multi-level marketing is how income is generated. In affiliate marketing a person generates income for their own sales, the main focus is to continually drive business to the company, increasing your sales. In multi-level marketing, the main a person generates income in two manners, through sales of products and the recruitment of new distributors. In multi-level marketing the focus is to continually add people to your team, to develop the largest possible team, and in turn earn money for recruiting new distributors as well as selling products.

Affiliate marketing is not direct sales, not like a car salesman or realtor. Rather affiliate marketing adds value,, to both the business and the customers. Affiliate marketers increase business sales for a company by promoting their products. This can be done through social media, online ads, websites and even videos. Affiliate marketing is almost completely done through relationship building. By building rapport with a target audience, you can influence what they see and who they buy it from.

The idea is to add value to both the business and the customers. By working with an affiliate marketing company,, businesses can ensure their target audience views their product. This is an incredibly successful way to increase sales without adding to your plate. Customers can benefit from the research done and be able to accurately learn about a product and compare it to others. All of this work results in happier customers, less returns and an increase in referrals. Sounds like a win for both the customer and the business.

Mr. Prussakov learned about affiliate marketing when he had his own online store. Looking for ways to increase his marketing and add value to his customers, he discovered affiliate marketing. As he learned more, he realized this was the right fit for him and started a very successful affiliate marketing company, Am Navigator. After 13 years and 4 books, (, he continues to thrive in his business, (, and shares a contagious passion for affiliate marketing with others. Mr. Prussakov enjoys the freedom owning his own business provides, as well as the people he is able to meet and work with.