Tamara Gregor

Tamara Gregor

The pandemic rages on and more and more events are canceling by the day. That means activities at home are one way to keep entertained. This spooky season, put on your own entertainment with dinner and a game night.

“Who done it?” The game of Clue provides classic entertainment for all to enjoy. There’s so much fun in game nights, so why not have one any chance you get?

Dress up as your favorite character with a themed game and solve the mystery with friends and family in a night of secrecy, fun and laughter.

First, send out those mystery dinner invites — Pinterest has some great ones — and invite your friends and family on a fun mystery adventure.

Gather some props, decorations and find some character costumes.

With characters including Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum, get creative and include other random characters to throw a little more suspicion into the game.

Gather your suspect cards and descriptions along with weapon cards and location cards.

Make one accusation sign and have one case description sheet.

Have your sealed “who done it” in a separate location, only to be revealed at the end of the game.

Figure out your nine rooms or areas you want to use and decorate those spaces. This could be as simple as using a pile of books as the library, setting up a card table as the billiard room or covering windows for the lounge. Label the rooms so your guests know where to go.

A good mystery game can always be a success with a good meal, so set a simple table or go all out with the decor. Meals can include simple snacks such as a charcuterie board with cheese, crackers, fruits and veggies and drinks or preparing a multi-course meal and having your kids as the servers. A butler would just add to the mystery game experience, don’t you think?

Have your clue cards ready as your gathering prepares to hunt down the culprit.

This game could be made more like a scavenger hunt where your guests have to figure out your clues to figure out who the murderer is, or you can create innocent cards and one guilty card to be passed out to your guests, which would mean one of your guests committed the crime.

When your guests arrive or during the meal, they can receive their first clue to the game and where they need to go to solve the case.

There can be several variations to the a clued-in mystery dinner. Have fun, create your own experience and enjoy a fun-filled night of mystery and laughs.

Tamara Gregor is a feature reporter for The Duncan Banner. To contact her, email to tamara.gregor@duncanbanner.com or call 580-255-5354 Ext. 133.

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