Andy and Renie Bowman

Andy and Renie Bowman

The preschool –aged boy suddenly screamed like Beelzebub himself was after him.

Recently I was having a quiet lunch by myself in a local restaurant in my town. The place was pleasantly filled with patrons, all quietly talking with companions at their individual tables and enjoying their lunch. 

Then it happened! The whole scene changed when “they” came through the door. Two young mothers entered, each with a small preschool child in tow, and were seated by the hostess across the room from where I sat. No more than thirty seconds later, one child screamed like Beelzebub himself was after him.  I jerked my head up in his direction, as did everyone else in the restaurant, ready to fight to defend the boy against whoever was threatening his life. 

But there was no problem to be seen. He only wanted a drink – and he wanted it NOW! Evidently not getting his problem attended to quickly enough, he slapped his mother and let out another blood-curdling scream.  This went on several times in the next few minutes, while I, along with other diners, scrambled to cram what remained of my lunch into my mouth to get away from there. Even the employees seemed to be avoiding the area of this awful child.

What did his mom do? Nothing! She never changed her expression, but just continued her conversation with her friend. The whole time the child was screaming and terrorizing the room, his mom calmly plied him with whatever he was wanting; simply ignoring the fact that he was destroying lunchtime for a roomful of other diners. Never once telling him “No,” never once attempting to discipline a very unruly and untaught child.

Now, let it be known, I love children - and I love moms with children. But what I dislike and cannot abide is a little hellion, who is allowed to disrupt everyone around them. And I detest when the parents have not been, and are not being, a loving parent who will discipline and train their child. Folks, FYI -  no one enjoys being around your cute little one when your cutey is acting like a hellion.

The Bible is replete with scripture about “raising up children as they should go,” and about “a child left to themselves brings his mother to shame.” When we are around your little one and end up leaving the area to avoid the loud, boisterous and uncontrolled behavior, remember the fault lies with you - not your child -  as the parent who has been unwilling to do the hard work of training. 

The only humorous thing in the whole scenario was the response of the other pre-schooler. Every time the boy would scream and slap his mother, this little girl had a look of shock and dismay on her face. I saw her glance upward at her mom, her tiny mouth wide open in disbelief. She acted like she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, she evidently didn’t get away with such shocking behavior!

Remember, parents, the Scripture says, “Whom the Lord loves He disciplines…”  The same is true with Moms and Dads.

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