Spring at last! It’s always nice to see dormancy end and things start to green up and leafs bud out on the trees. However, you might be waiting a while for the crapemyrtles as they are the last to bud and leaf out each spring. Many people are convinced their plants are dead and then pleasantly discover they are alive and well. Just be patient and know that they are probably fine. The only concern is if it’s a new plant and it wasn’t given enough water the first year, then the roots can dehydrate and die. We’ve had plenty of rain lately so hopefully your plants came through the winter without any problems.

My concern is seeing damage from a new pest called “Crapemyrtle Bark Scale.” A preventative measure is pouring a mixture of “Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench” around the roots of your crapemyrtles. The active ingredient that you need in a drench is Imidacloprid. There are other brands besides the one that is in the photo, just make sure they have that one important ingredient in the one that you choose. You can find a systemic insect drench at the local nurseries, Walmart and online. Now is a good time to use this drench or at least by the end of April.

The Circle of Love at Fuqua Park is just a few weeks away from being completed. DETA has established a deadline of March 31st to send in your application for engraved pavers. However, for the sake of time, you can mail your check made out to Color Duncan Beautiful to 2206 Carolin Drive, Duncan 73533. Just include the name or names that you want on your paver. There is a large size for $100 that can have four lines of 10 to 11 characters or a medium size can have two lines of 10 to 11 characters. Once the pavers are completed then Gardentown can lay the pavers and the project will be finished. Jones Monument has been doing the engraving and they will also being engraving the large granite circle that will be in the center. Don’t delay as time is running short. We will soon have a wonderful new “gathering place” at Fuqua, across from the Stephens Country Historical Museum.

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