The weather men warned us. Over and over. An extreme Artic front was coming, bringing harshly cold temperatures and freezing precipitation.  Now, as one of our Midwest’s standing jokes indicates, we all are aware that our weather forecast can be justa little inaccurate, on any given day. Our weather can change faster than a race car aimed for the finish line. 

But this time, all the weathermen were warning us with no “could be or may be” whatsoever. We were told in effect, “To take cover.” And many of us took it to heart. We saved water, gathered fireplace wood and food. We carefully prepared for our pets, vehicles, and livestock to be protected. Did the best we could to take all the precautions that were within our ability.

But then there were others. The ones who disregarded the warnings. They simply didn’t believe in making a lot of preparations. And many were left with frozen pipes, no water, no heat and dead car batteries. Some slid off the roadways while driving much too fast for the conditions, and left stranded till help came.

Unfortunately, this powerful storm cut a much deeper swath further South that those states could predict, and those folks down there were dumped into a quagmire of frozen pipes, and no power or water. The Southern states were definitely not prepared to handle that kind of storm. After all, who thinks to prepare Alaska for a 115-degree summer? No exact person or entity could be blamed for this once-in-a-100-years crisis. 

To be forced to deal with deadly temperatures, and impossible driving conditions is scary and awful. But to be one of those who simply ignored warnings of what was coming…because you are skeptical and stubborn? That is beyond scary and awful, it is foolish and can be fatal.

Same reasoning applies to your eternity. 

In the Bible, our Creator has given warning to everyone about our eternal future. The death rate here on earth is 100%. One out of one will die.  But He has made it clear that after earthly death, everyone will live forever in either Heaven or Hell. And God has faithfully given us the way to prepare for our eternity. 

You may be one of the skeptical, the doubting, or the foolish - “I’ll with deal that later.”  Like one of those who neglected to make preparations for the storm a few weeks ago. But there is one huge difference between that storm and eternity…forever.

Our Midwest weather can be very unpredictable. But our God is not. And what He says, He will definitely do. What He promises – you can guarantee will happen. You need to consider your future plans in light of what Scripture says. Because two things are certain: our weather will be squirrelly and you will live for eternity.

But where you live is entirely up to the choice you make – Jesus or no Jesus in your life.

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