Every Easter there I would go, racing across the yard at my parents’ home. Trying to beat my little brother to all the brightly colored eggs that were hidden everywhere. Fun – you bet. Competitive – I can still remember whining because he found more than me. Family oriented – oh yeah, all the kids waiting excitedly for Mom and Dad to tell them “Go!”

But, did I ever learn why there is a holiday named Easter? Did the game of HIDE ‘N HUNT teach me anything other than how to find all the hidey holes around our little farm? Did my parents ever once tell me that ‘hunting Easter eggs is good fun, but the real reason we celebrate Easter is because of Jesus?’ Nope. I just knew that Easter meant coloring eggs, good food, and a fun game…played over and over.

Was I taught that the Creator loved me enough to pay the price for all the naughtiness I did and was ever going to do? And that price for me would be existing in hell for eternity after my death? Did Mom or Dad just one time mention that Jesus died for my sins on the cross? And then because He was God’s Son, He had the power to come alive again, and is waiting for me to join Him in Heaven?

Unfortunately, no.

It was years later, while reading a book given to me by a sweet Christian aunt, that I learned the truth of Easter. That little book finally told me that Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus – and that He did it especially for me. I remember being dumbfounded that I had just learned a huge truth that had been in front of me for so many years, but nobody bothered to tell me.

How about you? When did you learn the truth? And do your kids know the truth about Easter, or like me as a child, they’ve been left to believe it’s a day of sunshine, hunting colored eggs, and family get-togethers?

Folks, I am not saying to take away the fun of Easter, no more that I want everyone to take away Christmas trees at Christmas. I am pleading with all of you…tell your kids the real reason for the holiday. Their future of heaven or hell after their life on earth is over, depends on accepting His death as payment for their sins. And having God as their Friend and Helper here on earth also depends upon them accepting Him as Savior and Leader.

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to talk about Easter and Jesus. “Jesus is God’s Son. He came to live on earth without ever sinning. So that He could pay the price for the bad things that we all do. That’s why He died on the cross. And then He came back to life again…on Easter!”

Parents, teach your kids the truth, and teach them to BELIEVE!

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