Grovey at community storm shelter

Reggie Grovey and his brother Quinn Grovey along with nephew Kasey Grovey stand at the newly installed monument of the Robert and Bobbye Grovey Community Storm Shelter in Duncan. Quinn Grovey’s new documentary will make its debut Thursday at the Palace Theatre.

After he made it as a two-time state champion for the Duncan Demons and then became an athlete for the Arkansas Razorbacks, a new documentary called “Growing up Grovey” will have a special premiere in Duncan.

Quinn Grovey, quarterback for the 1983 and 1984 state championship Duncan Demons football team, had a debut of his “Growing up Grovey” in Arkansas and will bring it back to his hometown.

The Palace Theatre in Duncan will show the documentary which was done as part of his network that he works with as the color analyst for the Arkansas Razorbacks in the fall.

“Me and my partner Tracy Anderson, who is a producer for Cox Sports Television, we got together to start producing some additional content. It is very similar to like ESPN 30 for 30 which is in depth story telling and that is some of the content we wanted to help provide for Cox Sports Television,” Grovey said. “That is how it all started and we worked together, let’s start with my story and initially I was like, “eh I don’t know,’ but now I’m glad we did because as we can move on telling stories we got one under our belt that we know the format and know how to get it done and be able to crank out bigger and better stories.”

After receiving induction into the Duncan Athletic Hall of Fame in 1998, Grovey was told by some of his teammates who were at the premiere in Arkansas that he should try to honor Duncan with a premiere of its own.

Agreeing and finding the date was some of the problem, but with the date now agreed upon, Grovey is excited to show his family friends how Duncan was a vital part of him and his family upbringing.

“We grew up in Duncan so we highlight Duncan, we highlight the people of Duncan and the city of Duncan,” Grovey said. “For me, it was really an opportunity to shed light on the place that helped make me who I am today. We say it is growing up Grovey and it really is family, football and unconditional love and it gives me the opportunity to put focus on my mom and dad and what they delivered for us and how they helped me grow and become the person I am today.”

The documentary will air later in the year in full and Grovey said that knowing it will show the side of his friendships and family is the biggest part of the story.

“There is so much history and so many things you are bringing out and there are so many things you highlighted. From the State Championships to my mom and dad, my family, the community storm shelter that we had on my mom and dad’s property,” Grovey said. “Honoring those who battled Alzheimer’s and Dementia, there is so many different things throughout the story. I grew up in Duncan and now live in Arkansas. Duncan was the hometown of my mom and dad and even after I left they were heavily connected to the community and they loved them.”

The showing will begin at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 22 at The Palace Theatre where Grovey watched his first movie. The emcee is his friend and former OU Quarterback Charles Thompson.

“I’m excited about that and there is no better place than at the Palace where I went to go watch my first movie,” Grovey said. “There is a lot of nostalgia with that and I’m excited to go back there and see my family on the screen.” 

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