A Duncan church set up a free fishing derby for children age 7-12 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, July 6, on their grounds off of Empire Road on the former Teen Round-Up property.

“The community needs kids involved in a lot of these activities,” said Mission 12 Church Pastor Michael Strait. “When I was growing up — and that was a long time ago — we always had things going on, especially around the Fourth of July. We were just trying to be a part of that and introduce our children’s program with the church at the same time.”

The event saw awards for winners in the two categories of most fish caught and biggest fish caught during the event.

Adlen Gilmore took first place for the largest fish, hooking a 1 lb, 8 oz, fish for the trophy, and Danica Ford reeled in a total of 18 fish for the first place trophy.

Ford also took second place for largest fish, netting herself two trophies, and Makisig Rogers received the second place trophy for the most fish caught. Zoe Payes earned third place in both categories.

Mission 12 has been on the old Teen Round-Up property for about two-and-a-half years, and their children’s program has continued to grow since.

“We have been focused on growing our children’s program,” Strait said. “We want to have more kids involved and to show them that it’s all about growing up and having fun.”

According to Strait, the church’s priority has been mission work, especially overseas, but that focus has not distracted from the importance of community involvement.

“We are a mission-minded church, but we still want to be involved in the community activities,” Strait said. “We got a lot of people doing a lot of different things, and I was so impressed Saturday, because everybody did their thing. They were like a machine; all I had to do was ride around and look important.”

Mission 12 has an active Facebook page with videos from the fishing tournament as well as past mission trips.