Thomas Ryan Krech

Thomas Ryan Krech

Updates as of 9:05 a.m. Aug. 24: 

Krech is now in Stephens County according to Mckinney.

“He wasn’t extradited, we just brought him back Thursday, the same day he was arrested we brought him back,” he said. “We’re the first ones to file any charges on him and so we’ll have to deal with him first. Right now he is still going through some court ordered mental evaluations so hopefully that will all be done in the next few days.”

McKinney said he is doing the evaluation in county because he has felony charges here and some of the facilities in other parts of the state will not accept them.

“Unless that state demands or he is found to be totally incompetent then the state will have us transfer him to Vinita,” he said.

McKinney believes this is just the beginning.

“I do suspect though there is going to be multiple charges from other states,” he said. “We’ve already been contacted by the state of Tennessee so they are preparing their own charges at this time. Personally, I think (because) this thing covers so many different states, hopefully we can get federal involvement in it. I think we meet with federal authorities sometime next week.” 


Charges were filed in Stephens County for a man accused of leaving threatening notes at homes and also at a local church where reports show he threw a cinderblock through the window.

Reports from the Stephens County Courthouse indicate initial charges for Thomas Ryan Krech include two counts of endeavoring to perform an act of violence, defacing or injuring a house of worship and malicious injury to property under $1,000.

Krech, 44, is in custody, according to Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney. On Demand Court Records show Krech is still wanted in the area, though the department has filled out paperwork to have Krech returned to Stephens County from where he was originally taken into custody.

The spree of threatening note drops included one in Tennessee, one in McKinney, Texas, one in Deer Creek a neighborhood in Oklahoma County on Aug. 20, one in Oklahoma City and two in Stephens County, one in the Bray area and another at Hilltop Church of God on Aug. 21.

Letters left behind in the Deer Creek area threatened sexual assault by Krech’s “angels.”

“He was doing some very harsh threatening – in today's times we’re going to take it seriously,” McKinney said.

The first note left in Bray area was found in a damaged mailbox. Residents of the home, according to deputy affidavits, said the mailbox wasn’t damaged before they left, but they found it that way when they came home and found the yellow paper with red lettering. 

The note read, “I Ryan am The Lord Your God! … I have driven on your land and have been in your house! … I sentence you to the most amount of horror and pain of anyone!” 

The note included claims of the receiver’s guilt for various acts, vulgar language and again, the threat of his “most horrific angels.”

Stephens County Communications Center received word around 5:45 pm. Aug. 21 the front glass of Hilltop Church on Highway 29 was broken out. Deputies arrived on scene at 6:07 p.m. where they found a cement block laying on the floor inside the front door of the church with an old style book — “Gone With the Wind.” Reports from deputies show sticking out at the top of the book between the pages was a yellow sheet of paper which was folded and a white page that had visible writing on it.

Again, the letter read: “My name is Ryan and I am the Lord your God … You are no pastor to my people! … I hereby sentence you to the most horrific pain imaginable by me! Ryan, the Lord your God … I am thirsty for your blood and will consume you.”

Reports show the letter included accusations of Krech finding people “guilty” of various accusations. The letter also stated “Destroy the entire planet” and “You chose poorly so now let the suffering begin! This is my promise to you!” and “You will all be tormented day and night by my rules!” 

Deputies noted they also found a white sheet of printer paper looking like a legal document appearing to be from Tennessee. Reports show the piece of paper was notarized on Aug. 15, 2019, and one of the names on the sheet was Krech’s.

A felony warrant bond is currently set at $10,000, though it has a chance of increasing when Krech is in custody of Stephens County and appears before a judge.

Linda Provost contributed to this report.

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