Aubre Shey Rupnick

Aubre Shey Rupnick

Sunday mornings before church are usually peaceful, but that wasn’t the case for Duncan Police early this past Sunday when they responded to a call about a woman who had broken into a church, lit candles and vandalized it.

Aubre Shey Rupnick, according to On Demand Court Records, now faces charges of burglary in the second degree, defacing or injuring a house of worship, outraging public decency and malicious injury to property.

The call came into dispatch around 7:31 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 6 and the reporting party advised “a woman had been inside his church vandalizing, lighting candles and had stolen property,” reports show. The same person advised police they believed the woman spent the night in the church, located in the 900 block of Walnut, and that he and his son watched her run down the road to 10th and Oak after exiting a vehicle parked at a service station at the same corner of 10th and Walnut.

The caller advised the female was tearing up the inside of the vehicle and had left some property in it. 

The caller also described the subject as a white woman with purple hair wearing a stolen church robe.

Police responded to the area of 10th and Oak, where they made contact with the caller’s son who was pointing at the subject.

Police then observed “an irate white female wearing a black church robe with purple hair,” states a report. “She was yelling and pointing at the sky, damning God,” the same report states.

Law enforcement noted in the report the woman became irate with them when they exited their patrol unit and the woman was detained.

After confirming the caller wanted to prosecute for the crimes, the woman was advised she was under arrest. Police stated in their reports she began spitting at them, spat on the patrol car floorboard and on to her own pants. She remained irate on the way to county jail, where she was identified as Rupnick from what police noted as “numerous previous odd encounters with law enforcement.” She also had discharge papers from a hospital in her possession confirming her identity.

As of press time, a bond for Rupnick had not been set.

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