Duncan teacher Chad Wilson has always wanted to write life lessons for children. With extra time on his hands throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he did just that and finished a couple of books for children.

Wilson, a counselor for Horace Mann Elementary School in Duncan, has two books — “Backboard Dodgeball Champion” and “Marty’s Magic Rabbit,” which is his newest release to Amazon.

“Marty’s Magic Rabbit,” the latest in Wilson’s writings, took a few years to finish but reached completion after having a few more months of with no school schedule.

Wilson said the biggest reason for writing these books comes from wanting to put on paper some of the stories he told to his children. His end goal is to give them out to other children so they can learn life lessons.

“Some of the stories that I wrote when I was starting out as a parent and telling stories to the kids. I started to telling them stories and a little bit later I figured I should write some of them down,” Wilson said. “The ‘Backboard Dodge Ball Champion’ book, that story came from me teaching in Duncan Public Schools in the PE classes and getting to talk to the kids that were kind of getting yelled at by the other kids. It was usually a kid that wasn’t really gifted athletically and they ended up being the champion of the game and that is where the story came from.”

Finding an illustrator brought a delay for “Marty’s Magic Rabbit.” Wilson ended up finding Laura Thomas, a nurse, and they ended up working together when she had time available to put the story out.

Both books are on Amazon and are able to be purchased in digital format or book form. For Wilson, future plans include author visits and continue being relatable for kids.

“The plan is to keep writing books and looking at stories from my childhood, like I don’t have 20 books written already, but I have more than 20 ideas of books because stuff happens and it is easy to turn a life event into a story,” Wilson said. “I made some bookmarks and I’m also working on some magic tricks, so I am working on building a magic box to work with during the author visits. I don’t want to write stories for fun I want to write these stories to make an impact.”

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