Spelling Bee

Megan Waters reviews her spelling words in preparation for the state spelling bee.


Megan Waters could probably spell “champion;” after all, she’s been one.
The Plato Elementary fourth-grader was the regional spelling bee and will be competing in the state spelling bee at 1 p.m. Saturday. The spelling bee could last until about 4 p.m. that night.
Waters has been studying her lists of words with her dad since her regional win. She said she’s ready to compete.
“I’m really excited,” Waters said. “We have a list of words, and my dad has been asking me how to spell them.”
Waters is a student in Paula Morris’ class, and she enjoys reading. When the regional competition came down between Water and another student, Waters had a close call for second, when she misspelled “subtleness.” Luckily for her, her opponent also misspelled the next word.
Waters hasn’t been studying how to spell “subtleness.” She said it’s going to be difficult to forget the silent “b.”
“I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to forget it,” she said.
On the list of study words, the longest words appear to be Greek in origin, she said. There have also been some odd words that have sent her dad looking for a definition.
“My dad looked up some of the meanings of words,” Waters said. “We have found some really weird words.”
Morris and Plato PE teacher Jacob Offolter had positive things to say about Waters, including comments on how good of  student she is. Offolter even took to calling Waters “Camp,” following her regional win.

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