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All athletes dream of hitting the game winning shot, game winning point or match point but for the Class of 2020, the spring sports didn’t get to finish that dream.

Some of the Class of 2020 got to finish their sport except for tennis, soccer, baseball, track and field, slow pitch softball and golf who had their season cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While I was in school I got to enjoy the senior activities of going to prom, finishing up all of the memories with my team and even though I didn’t get to hit a winning shot, I still finished the season. I also got to express my finishes in another way, through writing. 

As a Sports Editor, writing is an outlet that I use on a daily basis and sometimes I've been known to write these articles but only a few get to see the true me.

I usually have sports to turn to but with that no longer happening right now, I feel that writing is a way to release how the athletes of 2020, or even the underclassmen, are doing with this cancellation.

Over the next few weeks, we want you the athlete to tell us how you feel about how sports or no sports has effected your daily lives.

If you want to write something or even talk about your senior season or any other athletes who thought they were going to have a promising season please reach out and we want to feature you in The Duncan Banner.

Our sports section loves to tell the stories of local baseball, soccer, tennis, track and field, slow pitch softball and golf seasons but we understand the need to stay safe.

This is why we want to offer a safe place for you to talk about the season, sports or life in general but please keep it under 500 words and photos are welcome.

Writing and photos can be emailed to or if you would like to be interviewed for me to write it, please send me an email.

Seniors, I know this won’t replace your senior season but we know that sometimes talking, or in this case writing, can help.

The Banner also likes to keep up with athletes after graduation too so please don’t be a stranger. 

We wish the Class of 2020 a job well done.

To the other athletes, if you still have seasons left to play but want to contribute, please also include what this year's senior class meant to you.

They might not realize it, but it could help knowing that you looked up to them.

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