Hughes Coaching

Duncan coach Erik Hughes talks with some of the boys during the state quarterfinals game back in 2018.

This week marks the last week of the high school baseball regular season. This week the Duncan Demons would have been preparing for our Senior Night and another playoff push. But life had a different idea. Jaxon Gregston, Ethan Howard, Logan Chase, and Brody Litke were the four seniors on the Duncan Demon baseball team that did not get to have a senior season and a senior night. They didn’t get to have some lasting memories from a hopeful memorable season. 

Life showed us during this quarantine that there are more important things other than baseball. In the grand scheme of things, baseball is just a game. Yes, we have missed out on memories, laughs, trips, and the time spent with the brothers. We missed out on seeing these young men play this game we love so much. Coaching these four seniors has been a great honor and I truly appreciate what they have done for this program. They have left a lasting mark for many years to come. 

On a positive side, baseball will continue. This game will emerge again out of this misery we ALL have been thrown into seven weeks ago. This game, and that is what it is, will be played again in due time. It has not gone away nor will it go away. Duncan Demons Baseball is not just a high school team that just plays a sport. It is a culture, it is a family, and it is a sense of pride bestowed in a community. The light will shine once again on this game and this team so we may honor the players from the past and continue the pride of playing baseball in Duncan. You will once again hear the cheers from the crowds, smell the hotdogs and burgers cooking, and see the boys of Duncan High play at the historic Sportsman Park yet again.

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