United Way seeks input from campaign donors

Rebecca Wilson and Elizabeth Pitts with United Way of Stephens County stuff more than 1,200 envelopes Wednesday, with surveys which will be mailed to campaign contributors.

The United Way of Stephens County is in the process of mailing donor surveys to campaign contributors to determine how to effectively impact the community.

The agency was able to raise 86 percent of its goal this campaign and will use part of its reserve funds to ensure the agencies receive all the promised funding, Executive Director Elizabeth Pitts said.

The idea behind the donor survey being conducted was to try and evaluate the best forms of communication with the donors and volunteers.

“We are hoping to get information back regarding where they want us to go, what direction to take and how best to get in touch with the donors in the future,”  Pitts said.

“That way, we can relay volunteer opportunities or information on what agencies are doing.”

The survey introduction addresses its recipients with “United Way of Stephens County is working to increase our impact on the community. With the current economic climate, it is critical that we be as careful and strategic as possible in the investments we make and the work we do.”

Continuing on, the survey asks for feedback regarding how the effective the agency is running, information regarding how the agency should concentrate their efforts and if those surveyed believe the agency is making a difference in the community.

“We haven’t gone out in a few years and asked what they would like to see done with the United Way,” Pitts said. “We modeled our survey on other surveys I’ve seen performed with other UW agencies of our size.”

Using input from the UW Board of Directors, Pitts said picking and choosing questions they believed were the best that had already been asked by similar sized agencies is how the donor survey was constructed.

The survey has already been online for the past three weeks with the link forwarded to donors the agency had email addresses but Pitts said, they don’t have as many addresses they would like for the survey to be online-only.

Donors who contributed to the most recent campaign drive through a payroll deduction or regular contribution are those being contacted to participate in the survey.

Pitts said the survey closes on May 16, then the data will be entered the UW database system.

“The data will be a tool for the board of directors as well as a staff tool for future planning,” Pitts said. “Once we see the results of the survey, it will become a tool for us to figure out how to best communicate with the community.”

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