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Two family members from Comanche are wanted after being accused of trespassing, tampering with oilfield machinery and equipment and threatening acts of violence, according to Stephens County Sheriffs Office reports.

Glenn King Duncan is wanted on six counts of interfering with oilfield appliances and machinery, two counts of threatening to perform an act of violence and three counts of trespassing and damage to critical infrastructure facility.

Chris King Duncan is also wanted for extortion by means not amounting to robbery, interfering with oilfield appliances and machinery and threatening to perform an act of violence.

Affidavits obtained from the Stephens County Courthouse state deputies responded around 8:30 a.m. Sept. 11 to an oil lease just a quarter mile north of Highway 53 on County Road 2835. When law enforcement arrived, they spoke to the pumper for the lease who advised they were checking wells and “found the saltwater tanks overflowing and saltwater had spilled over into the containment area and had also spilled over into the pasture and a small creek.”

The pumper told deputies they had trouble with someone “shutting wells off and tampering with the oilfield equipment on location” and that the reason the tanks overflowed was because “the power switch had been shut off.” The person deputies spoke with advised this had happened several times. The pumper accused Chris King Duncan of being the main suspect because he was trying to get money paid to him for damages which had already been settled, reports state. The pumper also noted he believed it to be Chris Duncan because he said they would need to watch their leases 24 hours a day “because damages were likely to happen to them” which was taken by the operators as threats. Chris Duncan also allegedly said it was possible for lightning to strike a tank battery and “blow it up,” according to the reporting party, affidavits state.

On Sept. 14, deputies were again dispatched where they reportedly noticed a large spill. Deputies were shown three pump jacks which had been tampered with, one of which had partially become disassembled because of pressure build up in the lines caused by closing the flow line valves. Fuses were also reportedly removed, causing power to be lost to the tank battery, affidavits state, which “caused the tank battery to overflow and spill large amounts of crude oil and water into the area around the tank battery and to overflow the protective wall around the tank battery.”

On Sept. 17, deputies made contact with Chris Duncan to set up an interview, which he agreed to, though later in the day he said he wouldn’t be coming to talk to the sheriffs office because he was too busy, reports state.

Eventually cameras were set up in the area, which shows a pickup matching Glen Duncan’s coming onto the lease. Reports also show a camera was taken by Glen Duncan to his home and only returned it when he was asked to give it back, reports state.

On Oct. 7, further reports were made by the oil lease operator stating more damage had been caused. This time, the oil lease operator contacted Glen King Duncan and asked if he had shut off the wells, which Glen Duncan allegedly admitted to, reports state. Affidavits also reflect when this report was made, deputies were notified Glen Duncan threatened to beat them and then denied turning off wells, though he previously admitted to it.

More damage was reported Oct. 18, though leases appeared to be fine the day before. When workers arrived on site, they found one well had “a hole blown in the tubing” and a different well “had pressured up and blew the bridle off of it.”

On Oct. 27, the Duncan’s allegedly put a lock on one of the leases, causing employees to have to cut the lock to get into the lease and perform operations. Glen Duncan then appeared on the site of the lease and allegedly advised the reporting party they could get shot, reports state.

The report shows the damage list was growing extensively and cost of fixing the repairs was almost at $20,000. Reports also show one of the lease’s is on Chris Duncan’s property and another with damage was directly across the road from the property.


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