Two items which were part of the Duncan City Council meeting July 24 were tabled so information could be collected.

One of the items tabled was payment of the United States Geological Survey which runs gauging stations at Lake Fuqua and Lake Humphreys. The gauge gives real-time information about the elevations to the lakes and their percentage of capacity. The City Council uses this data to make important decisions for the city like enacting water restrictions.

Ward 4 Councilman Rick Mayes brought to the rest of the council’s attention that the websites which host the gate were down.

“The problem is it’s not giving us our lake levels,” Mayes said. “It’s been down for quite some time, used to we would get lake level information just like they do at Waurika. I am looking at it right now and it’s not up.”

Mayes was not pleased with a change the site had undergone.

“Two years ago they changed it where they do not give us the percentages of …the current capacity,” Mayes said. “Occasionally they’ll put them by the elevation numbers but it is very inconsistent — basically non-existent thought the last year.”

Mayes said it was a useful tool but he did not want the city to pay until they could get answered to why the site didn’t work.

Mayor Ritchie Dennington agreed the information was vital to the city.

“All of our decisions during the drought were based on these numbers so therefore these numbers are very important,” Dennington said. “By ordinance we are set up to enact restorations according to those numbers so they have to work.”

The other item tabled was the purchase of lawnmowers for the lakes department.

The two selected John Deere Z track Zero Turn mowers, to replace broken and aging equipment, which has been down for quite some time.

Mayes suggested getting a longer warranty, the extra cost seven-year instead of the standard two-year, since these mowers would be high use.

Community Service Director Randy Norman said that would be doable but he was trying to keep the price down. His knowledge of the durability of the the John Deere mowers factor in the selection.

Norman also stated he was told it would take anywhere form 30 to 45 days to get the mowers.

The council asked Norman to inspect the other mowers bid, especially the one he could leave the store with since there have already been complaints about the hight of the grass at Humpherys.

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