Eating peanut butter, Trudy loved any type of treats and is eagerly awaiting for adoption from the Stephens County Humane Society.

UPDATE: Trudy has been sponsored by Ean's Dogs and for the right family is available for adoption with no cost. 

A little bit of 'Tutti Frutti' oh Trudy was going through our heads this week for Take Out Tuesday. We had a big party learning about the behavior and demeanor of the 10-month old puppy, Trudy.

Trudy, a 10 month old Great Dane mix, got her first experience away from the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) and she walked to the east side of the office and the west side of the office.

A girl named Trudy was a little crazy in the first going, but once she learned the ins and outs of our office, she knew what to do.

While exploring for treats, Trudy started to calm down and began to have a relaxing visit away from the SCHS.

Not content with just normal water, Trudy decided to put a little flavor in her water from the dog bone we gave her.

Once done taking in some treats and meeting new people, we decided to see what kind of commands she knew and Trudy started to learn to sit and chase after toys in the office.

Trudy needed to head outside to go for a walk so we took her to the Stephens County Courthouse to visit the folks there.

As we walked over to the courthouse, Trudy was still learning how a leash worked and most of the time tried to lead the way, but with a stern warning she corrected herself.

Going to the District Attorney’s office first, Trudy loved any treats given to her which seemed to calm her down immediately and she began to trust the people in the office.

Once we were done at the District Attorney’s office we went over to the Court Clerk’s. Heading to their office, one of the ladies always tries to give treats to the dogs, but every week it seems our guests don’t like the treats she had.

Trudy decided this week was going to be the best week to try the treats and couldn’t put them down.

Once back at the office, Trudy had final couple of hours to lay around and enjoy the time away from the SCHS.

As I brought her back I asked about some of the other dogs we have had over the past several weeks and was able to spend time with Ava, Simone and Devin who have been our recent guests.

All four dogs we think would make great additions to any family and we are happy to recommend them to be a part of your family.

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