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Several children showed excitement when Presto the Magic Rabbit was introduced during the magician show Thursday at the Duncan Public Library.

It was a magical story time for about 200 children and their parents Thursday at the Duncan Public Library. Steve Crawford presented The Magical Archeologist complete with his magic wand.

Crawford told the crowd he was an archeologist and had come upon a genie during his digs who gave him a wand that would remain magic for one year. Therefore, he took time away from his digging to perform magic for children all over the world.

“He’s really good,” said Darbie LaFontain, children’s librarian. “He is really keeping their attention.”

With eyes and mouths wide open, the children witnessed Crawford make several various items disappear, reappear and change places. Volunteer interaction with a couple of the children included Nate LaRue finding a dinosaur egg in a sack and Sophia Buls tossing insects to a bat.

Also in his bag of tricks, the magician had a couple of live creatures visit the children. Crawford had a river rat and Presto the Magic Rabbit appear seemingly out of thin air.

Though the magic wand seemed to be losing its powers toward the end of the 45-minute show, Crawford had one last thing to show the crowd. It was a treasure chest that held an old lamp. Lo and behold, another genie was released, who presented Crawford with a second wand with powers that would last for the next 20 years.

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