Duncan Police Department have confirmed the suspect in this morning's Walmart shooting is dead. It is confirmed three are dead, including the suspect.

District Attorney Jason Hicks is on the scene. He has confirmed the scene is contained and this is not an active shooter situation anymore. 

The Duncan Banner is meeting with DPD in 15 to 20 minutes for a media conference. 


At approximately 9:54 a.m. calls on the police scanner indicated a shooting at Walmart with three down and suspect still at large. The suspect, according to DPD, is now dead.

Red River Tech is on lock down. Duncan Public Schools is on lock down as well. According to Tom Deighan with Duncan Public Schools, schools are on lock down and school will continue as normal inside. The district says parents should not try to pick up their child at this time. Children will not be released because of the lock down protocol.

The Banner will update more as information becomes available. Please use caution when traveling in this area and be aware of law enforcement as they work to secure the scene.

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