With the turn of the season in June, Oklahoma was not out of the bad-weather-woods yet, as parts of the state continued to see heavy rain, large hail, severe winds and more tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

The NWS said that at least eight tornadoes touched ground in June, bringing the 2019 annual total up to 115, almost double the average amount for a given year, the third highest recorded since 1950, the beginning of accurate weather recording.

Only 1999’s count of 145 and 2011’s 199 tornadoes rank higher than this year on the list. The large number of this year’s tornadoes come primarily from May, however.

May’s weather was notably more ravaging, with 86 tornadoes touching down in the state, the third highest number recorded and almost quadrupling the month’s average of 23.2. The highest number of May tornadoes on record is 91, in 2010.

Conversely, the month of June’s average is only 7.3, noticeably lower than May and closer to what the state saw this year.

Despite the totals, according to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) this year’s tornadoes have been particularly costly to lives and property. 2019 tornadoes have killed four and injured another 41, creating significant property and infrastructure damage in their paths.

The NWS reported no injuries or deaths due to tornadoes in the month of June, as the severity of the twisters dwindled down compared to April and May.

According to the NWS, the average number of monthly tornadoes drops tremendously after June, with July boasting an average 1.7 and August an average 1.4, meaning that the state’s weather may be on a downward slope towards a calm autumn.