A second suspect in a manhunt related to an armed home robbery which occurred Friday afternoon has been taken into custody. 

Daniel Earl Sanford was arrested after a vast, coordinated search that spanned across the county and led authorities to multiple residences concluded Monday afternoon. Sanford was discovered at a residence near the intersection of Garrett and Maxwell in Bray. Sanford fled from the residence on foot, and led authorities on a brief car chase before being stopped by deputies with the Stephens County Sheriff’s Department and being placed under arrest.

“We got information that our second suspect that was involved in our home invasion on Friday afternoon was possibly located in an abandoned residence,” said Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney, “— So we went to that area, he was there, he bolted, jumped into a vehicle and took off eastbound on Garrett road. Deputies pursued the individual, we were able to get him stopped and taken into custody without further incident.”

Sanford exited his hide-out, entered the vehicle and plowed through a fence in his attempt to elude deputies, who followed closely in pursuit. Approximately a mile from his hideout, Sanford was stopped by McKinney and a second deputy, who took Sanford into custody without incident.

“No one was injured, I will say that after this entire weekend, this is a good team effort that I’m extremely proud of with my employees, my deputies, everybody involved at the Sheriff’s Office, we got these two dangerous individuals in custody within just a — couple of days from the time they committed their crime,” McKinney said. “That, I’m proud of. My hat is off to all the deputies and everybody involved today.”

McKinney said he is confident that Sanford is the second suspect pictured in the video of the armed burglary that took place Friday. Andrew DeWayne Williams, the second suspect in the robbery, was also caught by authorities late Monday morning. 

“We’re very confident, in fact, we’ve already visited with our District Attorney and we’ll be proceeding with second degree burglary charges on these two individuals,” McKinney said. “[Charges will be] forthcoming, probably by tomorrow.”

According to Sheriff McKinney, additional charges may be on the table for the two. He is hopeful that the information gathered during the remainder of their investigation will lead to the recovery of property lost in other robberies.

“There could be [additional charges] we’re still going through all of our paperwork, putting things together, there [were] weapons used in that crime, so we’re looking at that avenue,” McKinney said. “I do believe that we will be clearing up multiple, multiple burglaries throughout our county and Garvin County and possibly Grady County. We recovered a tremendous amount of merchandise and items that we believe to be stolen — in our county, for sure.”

Daniel Earl Sanford confessed Monday evening and is currently in Stephens County Jail.