Lucy Shaking hands

Shaking hands was one of the ways that Lucy showed love during her Take Out Tuesday trip. During the day, she shook hands with most of the staff at The Duncan Banner.

There is no explanation needed for our guest Lucy this week as the almost one year old mastiff mix is someone we loved and we think you should love Lucy too.

Upon coming up to the Stephens County Humane Society to find a visitor to our office this week, Lucy was eager to leave and ready for a trip away for the day and she sure didn’t disappoint.

As we entered The Banner building, Lucy became very excited to walk around the place and explore the different corners of the office.

The staff knew I was coming in with her and waited eagerly for the arrival, but Lucy kind of retreated as she didn’t want to be the center of attention. However, staff adapted to loving good old Lucy and she quickly warmed up.

Our advertising rep knew the best way of befriending Lucy. He offered her one of the meaty bones we regularly give our guests and to say Lucy showed “excitement” is an understatement.

Lucy was in need of some more food as the bone was almost gone and this is where we learned that this girl has some tricks up her sleeves after coaxing them out with bites of cheeseburger.

The tricks she chose to show off included the commands of sit, shake and high five, but sweet Lucy also showed off some other funny numbers that kept us laughing.

After she finished with lunch, Lucy returned to finish off her bone and began the rest of her prancing and pouncing around the office. 

As we wound down the day, Lucy found a rope toy to play with before crashing and getting some much needed belly rubs.

We hope someone in the near future will say “I Love Lucy” and take her to her forever home.

Lucy will join the lineup of our previous dogs looking for forever homes.

Nikki has been at the Stephens County Humane Society for a long time as she was the longest resident there when we had her in the office on Aug. 27. The two year old and four month old pit bull terrier/labrador retriever mix was full of energy and is sponsored by Pet Partner Delaine Parker and Shelter Insurance.

Layla, our guest last week, is still available as well. She is sponsored by us and can go home after immediate adoption. The 13 year old border collie mix is someone who is looking for a lot of love and treats and has a great smile on her.

The Stephens County Humane Society staff is currently open to appointments only as they are trying to limit people in and out of the building at this time.

Call the staff at 580-252-7387 to set up an appointment any day Monday through Friday from noon-4 p.m. and on weekends noon-6 p.m.

The SCHS column is sponsored by Tractor Supply Co. and Duncan Pet Resort.

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