Ruby with Andy

Ruby is fed cheeseburgers by Duncan Banner Sports Editor Andy Morphew as part of her Take Out Tuesday visit on National Black Dog day.

Upon arriving to the Stephens County Humane Society we were greeted by Ruby who was desperate for a Take Out Tuesday and is ready to come out of her shell.

Ruby is three year and three months old and is a lab mix but is bigger than most labs we have had. At first, she was shy and timid about making the trip outside the Humane Society, after all, she has been there since May of this year.

When we entered the office, two of the ladies in the office who are used to happily greeting our visitors quickly realized they needed to be more gentle with this kind soul.

Once getting used to the folks in the office, Ruby started to open up and even got to spend some time with a visiting teenager who was helping out around the office.

She reported that Ruby loved the french fries and was very relaxed while waiting for me to come back with cheeseburgers.

Upon returning, Ruby was very eager to sit down and wait as we fed the cheeseburgers bite by bite to her.

As she started to relax a little bit, Ruby was ready for an outside trip so we took her to the Stephens County Courthouse where she was able to come a little more out of her shell.

The ladies at the Court Clerk’s office were very friendly to Ruby as she was a little nervous meeting new people but were able to get her to relax by sitting on the floor with her and loving on Ruby.

Returning to the office, the staff at the Humane Society told us it was National Black Dog day which we were happy take one out and give her a day away from the Stephens County Humane Society.

Ruby is sponsored by Ean’s Dogs and is available for immediate adoption. We think Ruby would make a great dog for a family with older kids or just an older couple. 

We are sure she might do well with younger kids but all Ruby wanted to do was relax so we think that it won’t be too long until that perfect person comes to give her a forever home.

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