Rose with Tami

Reporter Tamara Gregor loves on Rose Marie during her Take Out Tuesday visit.

Take Out Tuesday is about the only thing normal going on around these parts right now and this week we had Rose Marie for our guest.

Rose Marie, a five year old red heeler mix, was the latest sweet loving dog to grace our office and is very close to finding a home according to our sources.

Leaving the Stephens County Humane Society, Rose Marie was a little timid about jumping into the car but her small frame made it easy to pick up.

She didn’t mind being picked up and quickly found a comfortable spot to lay down to enjoy the ride back to the office.

She immediately was greeted by our Managing Editor and Rose Marie nudged her ever so gently in appreciation.

When meeting all of the people in our office, Rose Marie was happy to become a lap dog and continued to appreciate being out and around people in our office.

With the busy weeks we have had, Rose Marie could sense that we needed a calm demeanor and she provided the much needed stress relief in the office and even away from the office.

Our General Manager was on the look out for a new companion for a family friend and the people at the Stephens County Humane Society gave us Rose Marie for that reason so her kids took Rose Marie on a special trip.

Her children said their family friend took very well to Rose Marie and Rose Marie took very kindly to her and was happy to meet maybe her potential new owner.

Coming back to the office to finish our day, Rose Marie was ready for the cheeseburger meal we usually feed all of our visitors.

Rose Marie was very excited but calm when eating.

The rest of the afternoon, Rose Marie was able to relax before heading back with our General Manager to talk details about the upcoming sleepover for the family friend.

Rose Marie was happy to visit with us and we are excited for the possibility that she will be on hold for adoption to a close family friend.

This weeks Stephens County Humane Society page is sponsored by Tractor Supply Co. and Duncan Pet Resort.

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