Jumping up for a treat from reporter Linda Provost, Nugget is a down to earth dog who can thrive in any situation and is looking for a forever home.

Take Out Tuesday’s visitor had a nose of a basset hound and we learned a lot about the precious Nugget who is available for adoption with the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS).

Nugget is a one year and seven months old Basset mix (we think there are multiple mixes in this small dog) who was a stray found by Duncan Animal Control.

While we weren’t sure if he was big enough for two cheeseburgers, we didn’t even think about letting Nugget try a chicken nugget until someone said “did he eat some nuggets?”

We quickly noticed that Nugget wanted to sniff around the new surroundings. He quickly found that we have several treats and our people love giving treats out like candy.

Nugget ran from the front part of the office all the way to the back door and was ready for his treat that he probably heard about from the other dogs that visit our office.

Even though he was very eager, we noticed that Nugget was a gentle eater but he doesn’t know any commands like sit or lay down. We tried for several minutes to teach him, although he was not quite ready to grasp the lesson.

Nugget next decided to become a lap dog and sit on the other reporter’s lap for about an hour but then he me leaving to interview one of the football coaches.

Eagerly awaiting my return, Nugget was still on the reporters lap but quickly came to me for a spot on my lap. We feel that he is really happy to please no matter who the person is.

I, along with our advertising director’s daughter, walked over to the Courthouse to visit the Court Clerk’s and the District Attorney’s office.

The deputies who stand in charge of the entrance were happy to see Nugget’s arrival and had no problem putting a smile on their face.

Nugget had no problem trying the stairs and we headied into the District Attorney’s office although we didn’t get to see everyone because they were out on assignments.

We then went over to the Court Clerk’s and Nugget impressed all of the ladies and again they gave a treat to the wonderful gentleman.

This was one of the hardest dogs to say goodbye to. I’m not going to lie, I think he would be a great apartment dog and am very interested in him myself so we took him in where the cats were to see how he would react.

Nugget was indifferent to the cats, but my cat is particular about dogs or any other guests so we might try a sleepover first.

Currently, Nugget is available for adoption at the Stephens County Humane Society and we are sure no matter who gets him will have a friend for life in this one.

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