With a name like June, it’s not hard to believe she is so warm and sweet.

The 2-year-old mixed breed from the Stephens County Humane Society was our guest at The Duncan Banner for Take Out Tuesday, and this medium-sized love bug brought a quiet but bright joy to the newsroom.

I rode in the back of the car on the way back from the Humane Society to make sure our 40-pound sweetheart wasn’t too nervous, and after a couple minutes in the backseat, she was laying down and ready for a nap.

June walked into the office with her nose to the floor, and the staff was immediately taken by how pretty and sweet she was. She kept a calm and quiet demeanor as we took turns petting her and introducing ourselves to our new friend. 

When Andy’s family made a brief appearance, June was happy to meet the younger children and sat for them to pet her, but it could have been the delicious smell of the cheeseburgers they brought which put her on her best behavior.

She was one of the most gentle eaters I have ever seen, taking pieces of food directly from my fingers without so much as a nip. She was well-behaved enough for one of the kids to feed her as well, always sitting first and waiting until we said it was okay. June also had an uncanny knack for catching chunks of cheeseburger from the air, only missing once.

After lunch, the kids left, and June laid down for a real nap on a blanket next to my desk (she snores). This sleepy girl wouldn’t even wake up for peanut butter. What did get her up, though, was the idea of going for a walk to the courthouse down the road to meet some new friends.

Doing great on the leash, and showing us that she was potty-trained for outside, June was happy to explore outside for a bit before we headed inside.

Our first stop was the District Attorney’s office, where she won the hearts of everyone inside, before sneezing in their faces. Trust me; it was much cuter than it sounds. Second was a short excursion to the Court Clerk’s office, where June saw so many new faces and got to explore so many new corners of the room. 

It was here the game began: Guess the breed.

The Humane Society has June listed as a mixed breed, so it is anybody’s guess as to what she really is, but some of the guesses we heard were Rottweiler, beagle, bird dog, pointer and something German.

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing she is that matters is a sweetheart. 

We took another pit-stop on the way back to the newsroom, and once we were inside June was happy to see everyone again, and almost just as happy to be back on the blanket for a third nap.

After waking herself up with some very loud snoring, drawing laughs from everyone in the room, she decided to get some love from the staff.

Much to the dismay of the staff, however, we couldn’t keep June forever, and she had to return to the Humane Society. 

June is available for adoption to a loving home, and as one of Ean’s Dogs, all expenses have been paid. Anyone can participate in Take Out Tuesdays as well by contacting the Stephens County Humane Society. This week’s Humane Society page is sponsored by Tractor Supply Co. 

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