Looking at the cheeseburgers, Doofy was asking if they were for him and he enjoyed the visit away from the Stephens County Humane Society.

Our visitor this week at The Banner for Take Out Tuesday is a little Doofy but he would make a great addition to any family.

Doofy, a one year and seven months old lab mix, enjoyed the time out of the Stephens County Humane Society (SCHS) and quickly showed his personality as we were leaving.

Doofy was very patient and relaxed on the car ride to The Banner. After getting some cheeseburgers, we were able to get him into the office to enjoy some down time.

With it being summer, guests are very frequent and we have a lot of children around to help us. The Advertising Director’s daughter was here to take a turn to play with Doofy.

She fed the cheeseburgers to him and we noticed that he was very careful to not nip at the food while taking it very gently from her hand.

Doofy got a big bone from one of the advertising reps and he chewed it to pieces while being content with just sitting in between the open spot at my desk.

After eating the bone, Doofy was ready to head outside. We took the time to travel over to the Stephens County Courthouse to visit the District Attorney’s office and Court Clerk’s office.

The DA’s office ladies loved seeing Doofy and got a chance to feed a snack to the wonderful dog.

Doofy absolutely loved being at the Court Clerk’s office and met all of the employees during the meet and greet.

As I was telling the ladies about how Doofy was a little nervous at first when meeting new people, he made a complete 180 and started to warm up quicker.

Back at The Banner, Doofy continued to show off his personality and impress everyone in the office.

Getting a chance to spend time with him was fun and like all of the dogs that we feature, Doofy is available for adoption at the SCHS.

The staff at the Humane Society said that Doofy is cat neutral and is a fun loving guy ready to find a home away from the shelter.

If interested in adopting Doofy, contact the SCHS and set up a time to meet this wonderful, fun loving dog.

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