Scarlett has spent 77 days inside the Stephens County Humane Society Shelter and is looking for an experienced dog owner who will shower her in toys and love.

Since the inception of Take Out Tuesday, The Banner staff has met lots of dogs: dogs who love peanut butter, dogs who love to run, dogs who love people and dogs who love playtime.

I think it’s fair to say this week’s Take Out Tuesday guest Scarlett is a dog who is toy obsessed. A red and white Pit Bull Terrier about two and a half years old, Scarlett is such fitting name for this pup. Her face is split perfectly down the center, with a nice, scarlet red on one side, and a beautiful white on the other. According to the Stephens County Humane Society, Scarlett is one of the most toy-focused dogs to visit the shelter in a long time.

After 77 days at the Humane Society, Scarlett got to take a break from the kennel and visit the Duncan Banner newsroom where she was greeted with treats and toys aplenty. Cheeseburger time proved one thing about Scarlett: She was good at sitting and is very food motivated when it comes to performing tricks. She’s also a gentle eater and is careful about where she places her teeth as to not hurt anyone.

One thing we learned about beautiful Scarlett is that her toy obsession leads to toy hoarding. A small blanket on the floor between my desk and Reporter Skyler Baldwin’s desk eventually garnered a pile of toys Scarlett was obviously saving for later. She ended up with two ropes, a rope ball, a tennis ball she left almost completely bald and a pig ear.

According to the Humane Society, Scarlett’s toy obsession means training for about any new skill will be quick and rewarding. With that being said, an experienced dog owner is recommended for Scarlett and anyone wanting to adopt Scarlett who already has other animals must have a meet and greet to make sure everyone gets along just fine.

During her time in the office, we learned Scarlett is a very smart pup, but also an athletic one. She really needs an owner who will be willing to take her for an occasional run. She leads well on a leash and only pulls every once in a while, but aside from toys, nothing excites this pup more than the fresh breeze outside or a nice car ride.

With an adventurer’s spirit, we learned Scarlett loves car rides and would make a great companion for someone wishing to road trip. All around, Scarlett is a girl who will follow her owner to the ends of the earth, especially if toys are involved.

At the Stephens County Courthouse, Scarlett eagerly greeted both the ladies in the District Attorney’s office as well as those in the Court Clerks office. Scarlett was even awarded a small piece of slim jim for being so good on her visit. She’s great at navigating stairs and even does well in an elevator.

Scarlett reportedly gets along with dogs her own size, which we expected because while at The Banner, we learned she had a very outgoing personality. She loves receiving attention from the humans, but as long as she has a bed and her toys, she really won’t require much else except for plenty of exercise and playtime.

Upon taking the pup back to the Humane Society, a family was already there with their dog to conduct a meet and greet with Scarlett. If things go well, she may be adopted, but until that time Scarlett remains available at the Humane Society.

Anyone looking for a mate that’ll keep them smiling, on their toys and playing would be a perfect match for Scarlett.

Scarlett has been treated for fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and is fully vaccinated.

Scarlett is an Ean’s Dog, meaning her adoption is fully sponsored. This article is sponsored by Tractor Supply.

For more information, contact the Stephens County Humane Society by calling 580-252-7387 (PETS) or emailing