water in sink

Rural Water District Number 5 went to the board of Stephens County Commissioners to seek their partnership for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to increase water flow to Bray.

Brett Kimbro, manager of Stephens County Rural Water District Number 5, said the grant couldn’t be from just the water district, they have to go though the board.

“It probably won’t take place until April of this coming year but I wanted to get on the list if there wasn’t anybody else with a CDBG project,” Kimbro said.

The grant will be for a project to make water transfers easier.

“We are trying to enlarge our line that comes from our main tanks out to the Bray area so we can release some water to feed the other parts of our area too,” he said. “We’re getting to (where) it’s hard to keep our tanks full during the summer time.”

The new line would be along the north side of Highway 29, the older line is along the south side.

“It will run from Plainsmen (road) to Bray, then there is going to be a few valves put in the other parts of the system so we can open the water up to put more water in other systems,” he said. “It’s going to be about a $500k project,” Kimbro said. “(We) think the grant would probably be about $249,000 and then the Rural Water District will have to match the rest.”

The board voted to allow the Rural Water District to file for the grant through the county.

In other board news the board approved:

• Cash fund estimate of needs and requests for appropriations.

• The allocation of alcoholic beverage tax and motor vehicle collections for August, 2019.

• Two separate Cooperative Agreements with the purpose of making conservation works of improvement to diminish erosion and siltation of right-of-way between Paul Doyal and Jimmy Bowen, both in District #3.


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