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A high speed chase shortly after the new year has resulted in five separate charges for a woman accused of eluding police and endangering others around them.

According to court records, Madeline Marline Droughon is accused of endangering others while eluding police, assault and battery on a police officer, possession of stolen vehicle, driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs and destroying evidence.

Reports show Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) learned of the chase around 11:46 p.m. Jan. 3 when a call indicated the pursuit was northbound through Jefferson County with speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. Jefferson County law enforcement also advised the suspect was driving northbound in southbound lanes and was last known to be around U.S. Highway 81 and County Road 2130 in Jefferson County.

Reports show the same suspect was reported as a suspicious person in Terral, Oklahoma, where they reportedly were found laying on the ground and stole a vehicle from the same area.

An affidavit from OHP shows during the pursuit, the fleeing subject “made attempts to ram other motorists.” The vehicle’s driver is also accused of running others off the roadway.

Three minutes after OHP joined the pursuit, Waurika PD set up spike strips for the suspect, still traveling “in excess of 100 miles per hour.” Stephens County deputies joined the pursuit and the “driver intentionally attempted to strike the Stephens County deputies,” according to a report.

Just after midnight, spike strips were set up on the south edge of Comanche near 1840 Road and U.S. Highway 81. A trooper in the area saw the pursuit coming their way and noted the driver drove head on toward the patrol unit before returning to the roadway to pass.

At this time, troopers attempted to pull spike strips in front of the fleeing driver, but only got the strips on an already deflated tire. Reports show the rest of the tire came off the rim as the suspect passed the trooper, causing damage for about half a mile.

Troopers again entered pursuit with the suspect and started to set up for a “tactical vehicle intervention technique” in Comanche city limits, but the suspect “put their hands up and start(ed) to slow the vehicle,” reports show.

Officers approached the driver, later identified as Droughon, who, according to reports, was noncompliant with verbal orders. Droughon, according to an affidavit, did not believe they were real cops. Reports show when she was informed she was under arrest, she “started to grab for equipment on the officers persons and detached a body camera, ammo magazine, and phone from one of the assisting officers.”

Law enforcement extracted Droughon from the vehicle and pinned her arms, instructing her to stop resisting, according to reports. Police placed her in handcuffs.

Reports show Droughon mentioned she was being chased by several individuals and described them as “gang members.” When asked why she didn’t stop, reports show Droughon said none of them were real and they were all “thugs.”

Droughon confirmed she used methamphetamine, report state.

When officers tried to escort her to a patrol unit, she “became physically combative” and attempted to run, having to be restrained. 

While containing the scene, a Waurika police officer said Droughon bit them and according to reports appeared to be “deep enough to draw blood.”

During investigation of the vehicle, it was confirmed the vehicle was the car reported stolen previously.

During a blood draw at a hospital, Droughon was handed a paper to sign, but instead tore up the paper, “destroying the state’s evidence of the blood kit.”

Droughon’s bond is set at $50,000. A preliminary hearing conference is set for 9 a.m. March 4, 2020.


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