Refinery arial

Since 2014, a clean up effort has been underway at the old Meridian refinery, with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Phillips 66 Company (Phillips 66) combining their efforts.

There has been crews cleaning the area for quite some time and starting on July 8 there will be increased activity.

“Phillips 66 will begin the transport of soil to an off-site landfill beginning on or near Monday, July 8,” a release said. “The trucks will haul material through July, and we expect some transporting of material to continue into August.”

Just like earlier cleanup there might be a smell.

“There may be odors with some of the trucks; however, we do not anticipate the odors to be strong,” Phillips 66 stated in a email. “Air monitoring and the collection of air samples will continue as in past phases.”

In October of 2018, The Duncan Banner received several calls about the smell, and some residents said they were getting sick because of it.

Previously Erin Hatfield, DEQ media relations, said the smell was coming from the material being hauled out of the Meridian refinery.

“They are continuing to load out those algae ponds, which means they are taking that treated waste out and hauling it to the landfill,” Hatfield said. “Different ponds can have different smells, and some, unfortunately, are worse than others. They are actively doing air quality motioning for public safety.”

Melissa Ory, Phillips 66 media representative, said they were following the DEQ-approved odor mitigation plan, which will remain in place during the load-out phase.

“The analysis of sampling data indicates that concentrations in the air are well below the limits established by regulatory agencies,” she wrote.

For any questions or concerns, call Phillips 66 at 800-633-7922 or 786-6520.