Duncan Community Development has kept busy in recent weeks as they work to “address blight” throughout the city by tearing down unsightly structures.

Nate Schacht, Community Development Director, said they’ve started the first rounds of removing structures which has all been declared a public

nuisance in accordance with state and local ordinances.

The approval of removing the dilapidated structures came from Duncan City Council in the ending of February.

City Manager Kim Meek told the council that property owners for the locations were mailed notices, and postings were made notifying of public hearings due to conditions of the structures.

If anyone appeared for a hearing, which only happened with one property, they were given certain stipulations to bring the structure back into code. Those properties that had no one appear for the hearing were deemed as “common nuisances” that are “unsafe to the community.”

Each home received a second notice, both posted and sent to the owners, regardless if they appeared at the hearings. The property owner who appeared was later found to have done no work to the structure. While second notices were handed out, the city simultaneously began searching for construction bids from numerous companies for each property.

According to Schacht, the average cost for removing the structures totaled $5,670, though “there were two larger structures in the first round that drove up the average cost.”

Schacht intends to present a second round of “blight removal and demolition projects” before council members in June.

“These are small steps, but big projects, in an effort to improve the quality of life throughout our neighborhoods and community,” states a release from Duncan Community Development. Schacht hopes to obtain a grant from CBDG for upcoming structure removal.

Properties and awarded demolition bids included from February and March include:

• 106 S. 5th St., $3,500 to Gill’s Demolition

• 215 S. 8th St., $5,200 to Miller Construction

• 108 W. Walnut, $4,250 to Miller Construction

• 511 W. Ash, $5,200 to Miller Construction

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