The City of Duncan will begin its quarterly clean up of the Duncan Municipal Cemetery and the Henderson-Harris Cemetery on Tuesday, May 14.

Residents with surface flowers, grave blankets, wreaths, flags or any other ground surface decorations at the Duncan Municipal or Henderson-Harris Cemetery should remove them no later than Monday, May 13 if they wish to keep them.

Cemetery personnel will not pick up flowers that are in vases or on the monuments.

The Cemetery does not have a facility to store unclaimed decorations. Any items not picked up will be removed and tagged and items that are not claimed within 10 days after clean up will be disposed.

Citizens are asked to allow one week before replacing any items on the graves.

Remember, all decorations, flowers, statues and benches must be placed in monument row as stated in the cemetery rules and regulations; no items are allowed to be placed in the middle, foot, bordering or elsewhere on the gravesite. Items that are not placed by the rules and regulations will be tagged and removed.

The quarterly cemetery clean up schedule is the second tuesday of February, May, August and November.

Further assistance can be obtained by visiting the cemetery office located at 1910 Cypress, just inside the main gate of the cemetery, or by calling 580-470-2088.