The Duncan Veterinary Hospital owners Lisa and Dr. Michael Hudson have expanded their business by adding some much needed services to the veterinary practice. The pair had a soft opening and are ready to hit the ground with all four paws.

The Duncan Pet Resort is offering up boarding, training classes, grooming and more at a second location at 311 S. 42nd Street across from New Hope Baptist Church.

“This was all her, this was her baby,” Michael said. “It is an expansion of Duncan Veterinary Hospital to expand what we are doing and at the same time it’s independent and all her’s.”

The Hudson’s were excited to grow their business here in town.

“We love Duncan and we love to expand our business in Duncan,” he said. “We couldn’t be more happy to be here. We raised our family here and we look forward to many, many more years of productivity and maybe even retirement someday.”

Lisa said she is a RN and they had been talking about an expansion like this for quite a while.

“We moved to Duncan years ago. Michael’s father was a veterinarian here in town and it was always his coming home basically,” she said. “We took over ‘Town and Country’ changed it to Duncan Veterinary Hospital. We saw the need there but we were just getting into town and building up and had young kids at that time.”

Even then she saw the needs of their clients.

“We saw the need there because during holidays, we were like ‘oh my gosh there’s no place to really board’” she said. “We had some (room) but not enough. We had talked about it off and on like what would we do, where would we put it. So we’ve been kind of working on this plan for a little while.”

Taking care of family and the resort merged into an opportunity.

“It came to where we needed to sell our house in town and we were needed to take care of Michael’s mother too,” Lisa said. “We kind of took it as an opportunity — we wanted some land, let’s grow this dream. It’s been a dream coming true.”

Now that the resort is open they will host an open house from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 11, 311 S. 42nd Street with refreshments.

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