A Duncan businessman’s instincts were on target Saturday, when he spied a bag containing a Coleman camp fuel container and other ingredients that looked suspicious, near a motel on Duncan’s south end.

After the man placed a call to the supervisor of the District 6 District Attorney’s Task Force, Investigator Justin Scott arrived on scene at the Derrick Motel. Scott is the supervisor for the Task Force.

“After we looked at it and determined it was a one-pot meth lab, then we started investigating and found out this guy had been cooking the meth right there (at the motel),” Scott said.

Scott said the suspect rented a room and then spent an hour walking in and out of the room during the “cooking process.”

“He does his cooking on camera,” Scott noted. “You can see him go off and you know he discarded the bag, because he comes back and it’s not in his hands.”

Before Scott got the call, officers from the Duncan Police Department had checked on a suspicious person at the motel. That led to the arrest of a Grady County man who had a misdemeanor warrant, Scott said.

“Official charges will be filed on him Monday for the meth lab, for manufacturing” Scott said. “He is in custody.”

Scott said no methamphetamine was found, but he learned from the investigation that there were two females with the man. They have yet to be identified.

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