police lights

A little before 9 p.m. Wednesday, three minors from the ages of 12 to 15 were riding their bikes when one of them was unable to stop and collided with a vehicle, according to Sgt. Jarrod Bishop of The Duncan Police Department.

Bishop said the minors were east bound on Walnut Avenue headed toward 13th street. 

Bishop said the intersection of Walnut, which runs east and west, and 13th street, which runs north and south, is only a two-way stop. Bishop said Walnut has stop signs but 13th Street does not.

“A lady in her Chevy Tahoe was northbound on 13th and didn’t have a stop sign,” Bishop said. “One of the kids couldn't get stopped on his bike — he was kinda heading down hill. He couldn’t get stopped and basically ran into the driver’s side front of her vehicle.”

The minor sustained some significant injuries, according to Bishop. 

“He was taken from the scene by ambulance straight to the location of the helicopter pad on south 13th,” Bishop said. “He was mediflighted to the city.”

Bishop said the child is undergoing scans to figure out what the injuries include. 

“He is in critical condition,” Bishop said. 

The other two children were uninjured.