Newton receiving letter

Bennie Newton receives the letter from the Central High Board of Education as he conducts his final meeting as Superintendent as he retires officially June 30 of this year.

This past Monday, the Central High Board of Education hosted its regular June meeting, but the board decided to read a proclamation to retiring Superintendent Bennie Newton.

Board members conducted the regular business in the meeting and gave a letter to Newton who has spent over 30 years in the district.

School Board President Clint Russell handed the proclamation to Newton during the new business portion of the meeting, happy to present it to the outgoing Superintendent.

“The board wants to present this letter of appreciation and it is a simple letter to you,” Russell said. “This is going to be Bennie’s last meeting and he will be retiring as of the end of June.”

Newton took time to read the letter to the crowd in attendance.

“The Board of Education for Central High expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the years of faithful service to Central High School and the community of Central High,” Newton read. “We appreciate the years of service as a teacher, coach and principal and for your years as superintendent. Your leadership shows an excellent result of the academic standing of Central High and we also appreciate your dedication to the financial soundness of Central High during hard times and your foresight and cooperation in obtaining most of the Central High campus buildings. We wish you well in your retirement and in your future endeavors.”

Audience members clapped after Newton read the letter and he followed up by making comments to some of the crowd in attendance.

“I will say it has been a pleasure of being here 21 years,” Newton said. “This is a wonderful place and I have told the staff for 21 years, and I will say it again with only a couple of them here, I couldn’t ask for a better staff and that is why I was here for 21 years. I have had tremendous school boards to work for and with and I’m going to miss it. I am not going anywhere — we bought land here and we will be here and I have enjoyed my time, but it is time to go to do something different. I want to thank each and every one of you as I have had conversations or dealings with most everyone here at one time or another but it has been a ride that I will never forget. I will always be a Broncho and as it says on Facebook, it is always a good day to be a Broncho and I believe that.”

Introducing the new superintendent Kevin Dyes who was in attendance, Newton said working with him the last six weeks that he will be a great person for Central High.

“Mr. Dyes and I have worked closely the last six weeks and you are in good hands and I really mean that,” Newton said. “I think he will do a fine job.”

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