Duncan law enforcement issued another warrant for a different suspect allegedly responsible for a stabbing dating back to December. The victim sustained an injury to the left side below the armpit. The wound was about one and a half centimeters in width and took 14 stitches.

A man previously wanted for the stabbing, Dustin Scott Mooney, has had his charges downgraded to accessory to a felony. Now, law enforcement are seeking Ryan Everett O’Neal for alleged battery with a dangerous weapon after two or more former felony convictions.

According to police reports, DPD received the call around 1:40 p.m. Dec. 16, 2018, from Duncan Regional Hospital concerning a victim suffering from a stab wound.

When police arrived and made contact with the victim and his brother, law enforcement learned the altercation happened at a Chisholm Corner located in the 900 block of south Highway 81. The victim stated he and his family member went inside the gas station along with two other males, identified as Mooney and O’Neal.

The victim further told police when they left the store, Mooney and O’Neal began “to yell and cuss at them,” causing the victim and his brother to stop their vehicle and exit. Reports indicate the victim advised they didn’t want any trouble, but O’Neal allegedly approached the victim in an aggressive manner. Reports also indicate O’Neal was struck with a closed fist and as the victim and brother headed back to the vehicle, Mooney approached them. Mooney was shoved away and took off running when the victim realized he had been stabbed.

Police identified small amounts of blood in a parking lot where the incident happened and also made contact with a worker of the gas station who verified Mooney and O’Neal “slammed” open the door to scream at the victim and his brother.

Mooney allegedly called DPD after seeing his photo on KSWO news and told police he was not responsible for the stabbing. Mooney was invited to DPD for an interview, but never showed up.

On Feb. 13, 2019, Mooney was administered a polygraph test, determining he was not “being deceitful when stating ‘no’” to questions about being responsible for the stabbing.

In an interview with police, Mooney advised after leaving the store and the argument started, he was punched in the jaw and a knife was placed at his neck. Mooney also stated he watched O’neal approach the victim “and seen (SIC) his arm swing towards the victim,” according to a report.

Mooney also told police he heard O’Neal say, “I just stuck the dude.”

During the interview, Mooney told police he “thought the issue would just go away,” which is why he never met with law enforcement.

A bond has not yet been set for O’Neal.