Duncan Police Department detectives are investigating two more burglaries on Main Street.

It’s too early to determine if the burglaries are related to other recent burglaries which have occurred on Main Street and in downtown Duncan, DPD detective Dan Fletcher said.

The two businesses, Duncan Group Homes and Security Finance, were broken into earlier this week. The total amount stolen was about $3,000, Fletcher said.

“The way we look at solving crimes like these is that every incident is like another piece of the puzzle. We get two or three pieces of the puzzle with every burglary,” said Fletcher. “We, all of us detectives, are working together on these burglaries. It’s all about us putting these pieces together and figuring it out.”

Though no arrests have been made, Fletcher said DPD is eyeing several persons of interest.

“We’ve got some suspects that we are really looking hard at and some persons of interests,” said Fletcher. “They are really hitting us hard in our business district and just outside of the Main Street, downtown area. We’ve a few other residential burglaries, too.”

The consequences of the burglaries spread beyond just the business owners, Fletcher said.

“It’s frustrating to us. We would like to catch them as quick as possible,” said Fletcher. “It’s not just hurting business owners. It’s affecting every resident of Duncan. They are having to raise their prices of everything to account for the loss they are incurring.

“We, the Duncan Police Department, are having to put overtime in, as well. We are doing all we can to catch these people.”

Because of the rash of burglaries, Fletcher encouraged everyone in Duncan, business owners and residents alike, to take extra measures to ensure their security.

“We’ve been telling business owners to install security systems or cameras. Basically anything to help,” Fletcher said. “All of that stuff is a pretty inexpensive way to either deter crime or catch the people that commit it. It’s a huge investment that will pay for itself with just one broken pane of glass.”

If anyone has any information about the burglaries, call the Duncan Police Department at 580-255-2112 and ask to speak with a detective.

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