He might have been irresistible, but he was also surprised to win.

PJ Nguyen was crowned Mr. Irresistible Thursday night in the Duncan High School Auditorium. Nguyen was one of 11 contestants competing for the title.

“It doesn’t feel real,” he said. “No one thought I would do this.

“It’s very amazing.”

The nearly two-hour long event was filled with humor while the contenders showed what they were made of.

Each contestant represented a DHS program, including Student Council, FFA, sports and newspaper. Nguyen participated on behalf of the band.

As things got under way, the three emcees — Gibson Lovett, Tyler Rice and Braden Scott — conducted an introduction of the contestants to the audience, which was quickly followed by a dance routine by the competitors.

During the event, the guys were judged on several criteria and were given points on how they did during each competition.

First, they were judged on their public speaking. Each, wearing clothing to symbolize his DHS program, crossed the stage and gave a brief explanation of who he was, what his activity was and what kind of car he would be.

Following public speaking, the contestants competed in the talent portion of the event.

A variety of talents was displayed on the stage, including joke-telling about cereal mascots, several dance routines, a guitar and vocal performance of Brand New’s “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows,” cheerleading in a cheerleader’s skirt, tractor driving to Kenny’s Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” and a multi-talent performance featuring a flute solo, keyboard playing and guitar strumming.

To introduce Nguyen’s talent entry — playing the piano and singing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” — he said, “I want to dedicate this song to the judges because I would walk ‘a thousand miles’ for you.” Nguyen had assembled a drummer, bassist and violinist to fill out the tune.

Between each talent performance, the emcees would try to entertain the audience with a book of bad jokes, featuring questions like, “Why do bees hum?” (They don’t know the words.) and “What has two humps and is in Alaska?” (A lost camel.)

Next, the competitors showed off their beach wear, which included several interesting displays. A few of the guys took off T-shirts and threw them into the audience. Cory Higgins came out with a cowboy hat and censored signs. Greg Fewell wore leopard print short shorts.

Nguyen’s beachwear included a floatation device and a large doll to “rescue and save” with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

DHS Pom Squad danced during the event’s intermission.

Then there was time for one more competition — crowd reaction. The audience was told to cheer as loud as it could for the contestant it wanted to win.

The audience’s reaction seemed to speak volumes, as people could be heard repeatedly chanting “PJ! PJ!”

The final decision by the judges took a while to add up the points earned by each contestant. The emcees continued to tell bad jokes to fill the time.

At last, Nguyen was declared the winner, and he was crowned by Audrey Bridgers, 2006 National American Miss Duncan Teen. He won by one point.

He said he was glad to be named Mr. Irresistible, but didn’t compete to win the title.

“I wanted to try something that I wouldn’t normally do,” Nguyen said. “I did this for the experience and not the title.”

He said he found the other contestants to be inspirational during the event and was where he drew strength to compete.

“They were awesome,” he said. “The encouragement they gave me — I hadn’t experienced that kind of support.”

Lending truth to his words, rather than make the most of a “catwalk moment” after his crowning, Nguyen made his way to each of the other contestants, offering a handshake, a hug and a word of gratitude.

The goals of the evening were accomplished: The audience had a night of fun and entertainment and the DHS junior class was able to raise money for the junior/senior prom.

Nguyen said the pageant wasn’t all fun for the contestants, though.

“It was stressful,” he said. “It was difficult getting the music together.

“But it was worth it.”

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