The old Monty Python joke might pop into your head — “I will not buy the tobacconist — it is scratched” when you first step in to Mister B’s Cigars, but that’s where the similarities end. Brian Hibbard, owner of Mister B’s Cigars, became interested in high quality cigars and pipe tobacco after he started smoking.

“I starting with smoking a pipe many years ago then switched over to cigars. I do both every now-and-then, so it was an interest that I already had. Being in Duncan, you had to go to Lawton, Oklahoma City or Wichita Falls — someplace that actually had a cigar shop that really carried anything,” he said.

Hibbard had worked retail for about seven years and wanted to use his talents and knowledge for his own business.

“It was just one of those where I’ve always wanted to open my own business. I felt like this was something, that to my knowledge, has never been in Duncan. They’ve never had anything like this,” he said. “It seemed like a good opportunity and it was something that I knew about, so I figured now was the time. If I didn’t do it now I never would.”

Mister B’s had a soft opening on Sept. 25 when the store front opened. Hibbard is currently working on the second part of the store lounge.

“The store front is actually open. We got that approved from the city. Sept. 25 was my first official day,” Hibbard said. “This let me open the store front so I could have some money coming in for the lounge side of it. That’s kind of part two is doing a smoking lounge. I am working on that and I am hoping in the next couple of weeks I can get that squared away with them (the city) and get that open by November.”

Now the store carries things you can’t get at any gas station said Hibbard.

“I do premium cigars and pipe tobacco — I don’t do cigarettes, I don’t do vapes, I don’t do any glass pipes. This is high end cigars and pipe tobacco,” he said, “I’ve told a couple of people that if it is something you can go and buy at Chisholm Corner chances are I am not going to carry it. I want it to be a little more special than what you can get anywhere else.”

He plans to expand into a few other areas not just tobacco.

“My plan is eventually to add in more things like nice shaving (items), flasks — just stuff you normally don’t see around town,” Hibbard said. “Because of all the stuff I had to have in place for the lounge-side it that budget took a little bit of a hit. I am holding off on that for a bit before I start looking for suppliers for that kind of stuff.”

The store is of course 18 years or older to enter and is open from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, at 1044 W. Walnut in the shopping center at the corner of 10th and Walnut.

“That could possibly change when the lounge is open,” he said. “This is to see when the most traffic is and get some feedback from people --  to see if it is better to be open late on these days or earlier on this day.”

You can hear the pride in Hibbard voice as he talks about his store growing.

“It’s still small and starting out and expect for things to change and inventory to change,” he said. “Come hang out and grow with me, we’ll make it into what everyone wants, and it will be good.”

To follow the progress of the lounge or get updates on upcoming events follow Mister B’s Cigars on Facebook.